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14 Hope Street, , Cooktown, Queensland

$2,175,000 + SAV


Gold Coast Hinterland Hotel and Caravan Park

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Gold Coast Hinterland Hotel and Caravan Park, Gold Coast, Queensland


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Tairo Tourist Stopover

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Address Unavailable, Tairo, Queensland

$1,350,000 + SAV

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64 Howard Street, Cooktown, Queensland


Caravan Parks for Sale

A Buyer’s Guide to Caravan Parks for Sale

Finding an experienced broker to help you search caravan parks for sale can save you time, hassle and money. As experienced caravan park brokers, we can match you with the perfect location, business, and seller, discreetly. Our business strategy is an off-market format where our buyers club members have exclusive access to a range of properties that aren’t listed live. We offer competitive rates with no hidden fees and exceptional client service. We have extensive experience working in the hotel industry, including in management, new builds, rebuilds, and more, so we know how important it is to find the most suitable property investment.

Benefits of Buying a Leasehold Caravan Park for Sale in QLD

There are numerous benefits to buying a leasehold caravan park.

  • The risk is lower: As with any business investment, there is always a risk; however, it is slightly lower with a leasehold park. Your investment into a freehold caravan park will be larger, and therefore, the risk potential is greater should the business suffer. A leasehold property and business is a smaller financial investment, and it is easier to exit the contract if an urgent matter comes up.
  • The investment is linked to its existing performance: The initial investment is lower than a freehold property making it an ideal entry point for getting into the business and borrowing a mortgage from the bank. The listing price is linked to the performance of the business, and as it is also beneficial to your landlords when you do well, they are more likely to support you and offer assistance.
  • You can expect high returns: The return on your investment for a leasehold is generally higher compared to buying a freehold caravan park.

A knowledgeable caravan park broker can explain the difference between buying a freehold going concern or a leasehold property so that you can make an informed decision.

What Sets Us Apart as Caravan Park Brokers in OLD

We provide a high-quality service, and we can also list your business of property on a range of platforms or third-party sites at a competitive rate, among others:

  • We offer an alternative way to gauge interest when selling a caravan park: We know that listing on the open market can cause people to have a negative impression of your business which is why we offer an off-market strategy. We can use our network of buyers to quietly gauge interest for your real estate or management rights and help you avoid any negative impact on your business.
  • We can discreetly pair buyers and sellers: We help buyers find the ideal caravan park and sellers find the most suitable investor. We can match buyers and sellers discreetly and ensure that you get the best terms to suit your requirements, including an ideal exit strategy.
  • We have extensive experience: Our highly skilled team has a wealth of knowledge and experience working in the hotel industry and sales and management sectors. We can help you understand your various investment options and assist you in finding the ideal accommodation business to suit your requirements.

What You Should Know About Buying a Caravan Park for Sale in Australia

The majority of caravan parks for sale are purchased by first-time buyers, and here is why:

  • It is ideal when you desire a lifestyle change: Running a caravan park is an ideal business investment for people who get along well with others and enjoy the idea of living on-site with reasonable living costs. Having some office experience and handyman skills is beneficial for running your business or, at the very least, being willing to learn and work hard to build your assets.
  • There is a range of prices: You can expect to spend anywhere from $500,000 to $3 million on a leasehold caravan park business. Numerous factors can influence the list price, such as location, condition of the buildings, occupancy rates, development potential and more. A freehold going concern will cost more than a leasehold.
  • Use a caravan park broker: Our experienced and knowledgeable team can assist you in finding the ideal investment for your requirements. We have a large selection of businesses and properties for sale, including caravan park management rights. We can match you discreetly with the most suitable location, size, and business format and make the sale process smooth and effortless.

Why Trust Us Regarding Caravan Park Brokers in Australia?

Our Australian-owned and operated business provides exceptional client services and a wide range of caravan parks for sale. Our knowledgeable and highly experienced team will assist you in finding the ideal investment to suit your requirements. We provide a hassle-free and smooth process by matching buyers and sellers discreetly through our off-market process. We offer competitive rates with no hidden fees. Contact us to discuss the most suitable investment for your requirements.